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At the Sleep Apnea Center of Connecticut, we understand the urgency and importance of addressing sleep apnea for DOT drivers. We’re committed to making the entire process fast and convenient, ensuring that you can get tested and receive results promptly. Our state-of-the-art Sleep Image Ring at-home sleep testing technology allows for a hassle-free testing experience, with results typically delivered within just two weeks.

Furthermore, our oral appliances are designed with your compliance in mind. They feature a built-in compliance tracker within the oral device, ensuring that you remain DOT-compliant throughout your treatment journey. We prioritize your convenience and safety, making it easier than ever to manage sleep apnea while keeping our roads safe.

ProSomnus® EVO® Sleep and Snore Device with Theramon® Compliance Sensor

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Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by interruptions in breathing during the night, is a pressing issue not only for truck and bus drivers, but also the entire commercial transportation industry, including Train Engineers, Airplane Pilots and Commercial Marine vessel operators, to name a few. Recent research conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) indicates that approximately 30% of commercial truck drivers experience varying degrees of sleep apnea. Failing to treat this disorder poses many risks to both drivers and the general public, including:

  • Experiencing daytime drowsiness
  • Impaired driving performance
  • An elevated risk of accidents on the road

The Sleep Apnea Center of Connecticut provides expert solutions for sleep apnea that not only improve sleep for DOT drivers, but keep our roads safe in turn. Our expertise, easy testing and fast results, and treatment techniques and variety of therapies will ensure you’re breathing better and driving safely.

How Sleep Apnea Impacts DOT Drivers’ Jobs

While the FMCSA does not require sleep apnea testing as a mandatory component of the DOT physical, it has established regulations that authorize medical professionals to assess a commercial driver’s fitness. These regulations, known as the Pulmonary Standard, enable medical providers to determine if testing for respiratory disorders like sleep apnea is necessary for safe commercial vehicle operation.

Drivers diagnosed with sleep apnea have the opportunity to regain their “medically-qualified-to­ drive” status through treatment. Compliance with treatment, particularly Precision Oral Appliance therapy, plays a crucial role in meeting DOT requirements and ensuring safe driving. Drivers who decline sleep apnea treatment may not be cleared to operate commercial vehicles and can result in loss of work.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Compliance

Compliance with sleep apnea treatment is a crucial requirement for DOT drivers managing sleep apnea. A driver’s adherence is carefully monitored through the collection and analysis of usage data by healthcare professionals, which forms the basis for a comprehensive compliance report.

Upon starting sleep apnea treatment, drivers are granted conditional certification for the first month, allowing them to ease into the treatment regimen. If they successfully adhere to the prescribed treatment plan during this initial phase, their conditional certification is extended to a 3-month card, indicating consistent and effective treatment. After maintaining compliance and effective treatment for three continuous months, DOT drivers become eligible for annual certification. This annual recertification process involves a thorough review of compliance data from the past year to ensure the continued management of sleep apnea and strict adherence to treatment guidelines. This commitment to compliance and annual recertification underscores the importance of prioritizing the safety of commercial drivers and all road users by addressing the risks associated with sleep-deprived driving.

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Using Sleep Image Ring at-home sleep testing technology, we can learn more about your sleep needs and diagnose sleep apnea. Our convenient testing options usually provide results in two weeks.


Dr. Murray will create a personalized treatment plan that improves your health and suits your lifestyle. You’ll find solutions you can easily take on the road.

Oral Device

We provide Precision Oral Appliance Therapy as an effective alternative to CPAP machines. These are comfortable, quiet, non-invasive and travel easily.


 If your oral device becomes damaged, our third party agency may be able to help.

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